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Good flash games can make any boring day at the office or at home brighter. They are also a good way to keep your restless child or sibling occupied as you deal with other important things at home. For other people these games are a chance to feel the satisfaction of achieving various little gaming milestones online. To them, these games are not just a way to pass time but a hobby that glues them to their monitor screens for hours.

There are many websites out there that provide flash games but one of the most popular is The website has a lot of games that are enjoyable for both adults and children. Let us look at the top games on the website:


Sonic the Hedgehog games are very popular online. They include games where Sonic jumps from rock to rock collecting symbols and shapes or where you have to solve puzzles. You may find yourself immersed into the awesome retro Sonic RPG games because they usually have a storyline where Sonic is on a mission to save his friends. Sonic jump game gives you three lives and the blue Hedgehog has to jump from one column to another without losing these lives. These games play very well and can be quite addictive.

Dragon Ball Z

Have you ever imagined a world full of mystical lands and good looking warriors with superior martial arts skills? Dragon Ball Z gives you the option to immerse yourself in such a world and enjoy both the game play mechanics and the good storylines. Goku is the main character in this game and it is your duty to help him fight all the villains to save Earth from impending doom.

Street Fighter 2

This is one of the highest rated games on It was a massive hit game in arcades all over the world and holds your attention from the moment you start playing it. Street Fighter 2 is a head-to-head game where you play as Ryu and you have to beat a villain called Sagat. You can choose a number of villains to fight in the game and all of them have special moves that you have to anticipate and block or you will surely loose.

3 foot Ninja

The 3 foot ninja character is on a mission to unlock the secrets of the Elder Masters by collecting the ancient lost Scrolls of the Elders and defeat his enemies. He has awesome ninja moves but as you play the game beware of the enemy characters that shoot fireballs. Collect health potions available in the different game levels just in case you fall victim to some of these mean villains. Use the potions before you progress to the next level of the game.

Soul Mech

This is an action game where you can kick, punch and use your sword against adversaries. The characters in the game look like cartoons quickly doodled on a plain page. The game begins with your character meeting an injured man on a path and just when she is about to assist him several ninjas appear. Fortunately she quickly transforms herself into a deadly sword wielding killer machine.

Prince of Persia

It is a retro flash version of the original and entertaining Prince of Persia video game. The game gives you 8 minutes to navigate through the dungeon to the Vizir’s throne room to stop him from destroying the world by unleashing the Sands of Time. Just like the games above, it is very easy to play.

So, visit to try out these amazing games and keep boredom at bay. Enjoy.

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